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'Dance Enables You To Find Yourself And Lose Yourself At The Same Time...'

                     - Peter Townsend

These are our current classes. Look out for more classes coming in the future! 

Classes are either held at Billinge Health and Fitness Studio (dance classes) or Shevington Youth Club (Aerial Silks classes). Find the addresses and maps on the next page.


Aerial Silks is an exciting form of fitness from the Circus, involving wrapping yourself in fabric hanging from a rigging point and ending up in stunning poses and moves. It builds upper body strength, flexibility and co-ordination. It is challenging but will give you a huge sense of achievement and will make you feel amazing. These classes will also involve a few circuit training stations that you can try whilst waiting for your next go on the silks. These stations will have exercises to build up more strength for the silks so you can become amazing at it! These classes are so much fun and really work the entire body, making them an incredible workout class as well as a chance to try something new and exciting.


We have kids classes for ages 7+ and Adults classes for ages 15+. No experience is needed and you will start with the basics making anyone able to have a go! Classes are £6.50 for children and £8 for adults. Aerial Silks classes are held in Shevington Youth Club, Wigan (address and map on the next page).

This class will involve learning choreography in the styles of commercial, street dance, musical theatre and jazz. The children will not only learn to dance, but also learn to express themselves, be part of a group, believe in themselves and develop confidence. They will learn to use their bodies in new ways and learn to pick moves up and remember steps in a dance. Dance also teaches determination, pushing yourself and that hard work pays off.

Kids will have so much fun letting themselves go to music and making new friends. Anyone aged 5+ is welcome in this class. Classes are £5. Dance classes are held at Billinge Health and Fitness Studio (address and map on the next page).

Adults Dance involves learning dances in the styles of Commercial, Jazz, Street, Contemporary. Come and let your hair down in this fun, no pressure dance class.

This class is for Adults and Teenagers, It is suitable for beginners so all abilities are welcome, whether you have dance experience or not, just come and have a good time. Ages 13+. Classes are £5. Dance classes are held at Billinge Health and Fitness Studio (address and map 
on the next page).

Private lessons are also available in Aerial SIlks or Dance as 1-1 lessons or small group lessons of 2 or 3 people allowing you to do lessons with a couple friends. Private lessons are so beneficial as lessons can be tailored to your exact level, you get a lot of time on the Silks and get so much done. If you're serious about learning Silks this could be the option for you. 

Available for both adults and children aged 7+.
£11 each an hour for 3 people, £15 each an hour for 2 people and £28. an hour for 1 person. Day/times are arranged via email or social media messages.  For small group privates - if one person can't come to one, the remaining people must pay the cost of a 2 people private rather than their usual 3 people cost, or you can cancel that week's class. Aerial Silks classes are held at Shevington Youth Club (address and map on the next page).


I also offer birthday parties or hen parties in both dance (you can pick a theme such as a specific musical) and in Aerial Silks. These are £30 an hour altogether. Alternatively, I can also bring my silks and portable rig to you for a birthday party etc. for £20 for an hour if nearby, extra if not. 

I offer workshops  to dance schools, gymnastics clubs, primary and secondary schools etc. where I bring my Silks and portable rig to you for £18 an hour (this may be more if you are not based nearby). My rig is height adjustable.

I can be hired for Aerial Silks or Aerial Hoop performances. £15 for one performance of 4-5 minutes. £25 for two performances in one event.


16.45 - 17.45

Kids Aerial Silks


Shevington Youth Club

11.00 - 12.00

Adults Dance Class 

Billinge Health and Fitness Studio



12.00 - 13.00

Kids Dance Class


Billinge Health and Fitness Studio

13.45 - 14.45

Adult Aerial Silks


Shevington Youth Club

Email to arrange days/times for Private Lessons

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